About BlueWave

Bluewave started business in 2002 in IP Video Streaming, is pioneer in bringing IP Video Management System to Singapore Police Force for surveillance of tourist area monitoring in 2004.

Our Vision:

Is to become a leading one-stop integrated innovative solution providers and distribution, specialize:

  • Internet Protocol (IP) Technological Connectivity's of Video, Audio and Data levering on the advent of IP infrastructure be it wired or wireless Networks;
  • Enterprise video management software, intelligent video content analysis, advance alert response and intelligent search;
  • Broadcast Monitoring , SmartEncode and IPTV;
  • IP Message display and video wall display system;
  • Command and Control Center design; and
  • CCTV Surveillance and Security System .

Our Mission:

To serve our customers with dedication and commitment in providing a innovative turnkey solution and also helping System Integrator  and Owner solve the problem of choosing from too many small and different service providers and also to bridge the Surveillance Security and IT together.

Our Business:

We are helping to solve the problem through the use of advance IP technological system and tools to raise the level of digital access to the customer by providing one-stop IP technological solutions for IP connectivity, Video Management Software for surveillance, training and elearning and intelligent video content analysis, advance alert response and intelligent search;

In another words, being able to use the technology tools of the digital age to provide solutions at a very competitive cost is a vitally important goal for Bluewave Communication Pte Ltd.

We deliver value-added, reliable and superior system solutions and services to our valuable cosseted customers by enabling them with the best innovative and latest IP technology to meet their requirements.

Partnering for Success:

Bluewave Communication will have the people, products/system and business partners to provide innovative turnkey solution.

Complementing this unmatched product offering is Bluewave Communication's well-earned reputation for entering into close partnerships with ours Customers as well as Business Partners.