If you are looking for Advance Technology and Innovative Solution with high-performance, high-quality, future-proof products that can meet all of your cutting-edge IP technology in voice, video and data needs, and don't know where to find -- you've come to the right place, The One-stop Total Integrated solution provider.

Built to address the rapidly changing needs of a new economy and IT technologies, BlueWave's business model gather all the technology leaders in a single roof and enables rapid response and focused on providing innovative solutions that would solve the problem of the customers. We are supported by a global partners who are a technology leaders in its own field and engaging in its own R&D works, and with BlueWave's capability to select the best solution and customised to suit each of your particular requirements. BlueWave have the expertise in the customisation of software as what been implemented and categorized as "Blue" such Bluecoder, BlueMessage, BlueStream, BlueVision, BlueMobile, etc.

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>> BlueVision
>> BlueMobile
>> IPEnterprise
>> Special CCTV

>> Video Content Analysis
>> Alert Response & Intelligent Search
>> Command & Control
>> BlueStream
>> Bluecoder
>> BlueMessage
>> IPIntercom
>> IPAccess
>> IPVoice
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>> IPSignage
>> IPSearch
>> BroadcastMonitor
>> IPNetwork
>> IPWireless
>> IPFibre/OSD
>> IPFibre/OCT
IPCustomise Others
>> Distribution System
>> Video Wall Display System
>> UPS/DC Power/Surge Suppressor