The IPEnterprise is a Enterprise-class Digital Video Managment Solutioning Platform that transforms Video iInto Compressed IP video stream into value with a suite of applications and features such as Master Server Failover (0 Downtime), Recorder Failover / Redundancy, Virtual Matrix, Video Analytics, Multi-sites, Video Wall, Advance Alert Response and Intelligent Search, etc.

The video management software solutions, open and distributed architecture, is able to support IP cameras such as Axis, Sony, Acti, JVC, encoders and decoders from Smartsight, VCS, Maxis, Impath, and analog video matrix switcher, video wall and digital video recorder from Pelco, Amercian Dynamics, Panasonics, Cornet, Extron, GE, Avitech, Barco, etc. IPEnterprise develops customized solutions for targeted vertical markets including access control, POS, building management and other physical security systems, and easily integrate devices onto the platform.

Multi-Vendor Support: It supports combine different brands equipment from different manufacturers and uses intuitive interface to configure, control, view, and playback.


  • Support for dynamic failover of cameras
  • Advanced video queries, time-based and activity-based
  • Bookmarking of important video content
  • Alarm notification and acknowledgement
  • Case investigation functionalities
  • Electronic Map
  • Video files contain digital signatures for video authentication
  • Audio-video export
  • PTZ Control

Our solution also includes wireless video server which is the industry's first wireless Ethernet (802.11) video system that delivers high quality MPEG4 video at 30 frames per second over local area networks (LANs).

The encoder can be extended over Local and Wide Area Networks (LANs and WANs) or the Internet using ISDN, PSTN, or xDSL routers. These Ethernet video servers are built on open standards and are entirely firmware upgradeable to provide long-term investment protection.