BlueCoder is a customized software with video capturing cards siting inside the server for video encoding WebCam application for the hosting of still images of KPE traffic condition via .

Camera feed analog images are converted to continuous digital format with frame-grabber card. Using Microsoft DirectX technology, we programmed to grab still images from the continuo us feed. The bitmapped image is stored in computer memory. Image is grabbed at resolution 352x288 and overlay of arrow direction indication the traffic flow.

Frame grabbers are PCI card. Each card can have 4 real time BNC video inputs. The computer will be installed with 3 cards which amount to 12 inputs per PC. The system function allow user to define which input is in use.

This portion is written in C++ language using Microsoft Visual C++. The underlay technology is DirectX (DirectShow).

WebCam Server functions are:

· To grab a frame of each camera’s continuous image feed at regular 5 minute intervals.

· Overlay frame-grabbed static images with necessary directional arrows.

· Encode static images to Joint Photographic Enhancement Group (JPEG) formatted files. Each encoded JPEG file size is approximately 20-30KB.

· Establish socket connection with I-Transport and signal I-Transport of encoded JPEG file availability.

· Allow I-Transport to upload these encoded JPEG files over to I-Transport “Web Site Server”.

· Installers/maintainers functions.

· View and edit quality WebCam input channels.

· Build required overlay travel directional arrow bitmaps.

The WebCam Servers are normally un-manned at the remote site. The WebCam Server therefore runs autonomous applications to achieve the functionality required. The WebCam Server will interface with I-Transport through a leased transport link to transfer the images to the Web Site Server.

The WebCam server will be linked to the GPS Clock NTP Server for time synchronisation. The server will request time information from the GPS Clock NTP server at power-up and regular hour intervals.