All organizations which need to search and distribute rich media, internally or externally, can obtain significant ROI from Bluewave. Legacy methods of searching rich media involve sifting through hours of irrelevant content. The software pinpoints the exact location of relevant content and allows users to search across a range of parameters including audio, scene, speaker, location, key frame, image, on-screen text, face, token and concept of content.

The VideoLogger™ makes all rich media content fully searchable and retrievable, leveraging the power of Autonomy’s IDOL to offer functionality such as automatic hyperlinking of related content, implicit and explicit profiling, clustering and alerting.

It has developed the world’s first technology to capture and index broadcast content from any source, automatically and in real-time, making it immediately fully searchable and accessible via IPTV. By making television and video content available over the Internet, It benefits broadcasters in terms of enhanced flexibility and reduced costs whilst enriching the consumer experience by allowing them the unprecedented freedom to create their “own” TV. For the first time, content consumers can “slice and dice” rich media content as they please, eliminating material that is of no interest to them and creating playlists of content that suits their requirements. In addition, consumers can set up alerts so that they receive new content related to their interests as it appears in the media.