Our Solution addresses the full spectrum of challenges facing today’s broadcasters, offering unique solutions for archiving, monitoring, intelligent retrieval and distribution of television, video and audio content. By automating and streamlining mission critical processes such as these, It increases efficiency, reduces costs and ensures that maximum value is extracted from multimedia assets.

Legacy methods of monitoring rich media streams, for example, are expensive and time-consuming. Virage offers automatic, accurate and intelligent monitoring of multiple broadcast streams, alerting users to relevant content in real-time. The monitoring systems combine automated scheduling, analysis and encoding of incoming news content. Highly reliable and scalable, these systems greatly reduce the resources traditionally required to monitor multiple broadcast streams

and therefore generate significant ROI for customers such as the BBC, France 2 and Media Monitors Australia. Customers benefit through real-time information access, data integration into common analysts’ tools and integration with existing data management systems.

In terms of distribution, It aids broadcasters through its ability to intelligently search and retrieve television, video and audio. This allows broadcasters to offer sophisticated subscription services to their content consumers but also to distribute content efficiently within their own organizations.