Optical Systems Design - OSD -is a leading Australian designer and manufacturer of fiber optic systems for CCTV surveillance, transportation systems, industrial networks, telecommunications and broadcast systems.


The main emphasis is on fiber optic video transmission systems, ranging from basic video-only systems to multi-channel analog and digital multiplexing systems to network media converter.

For the multimedia market, OSD offers broadcast quality uncompressed digital video, audio and data systems, transmitting up to 64 video channels and many audio/data channels on one single fiber.

OSD also offers data modems and multiplexers for most common interface standards such as RS232, RS422, RS485 and G703 as well as a number of proprietary interfaces used in industrial networks to interconnect computers and controllers.


Airport Hanger 4 and 5
DBS HQ and UOB Airport
Mandai (Military)
Jurong Island & Mobile Exxon
Jurong Port & Bukit Batok SCDF
Changi water Treatment plant
NSRCC Kranji
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