Imagine if - at a major international airport - a suspicious man is seen loitering. Maybe last week a truck was towed because it was parked in the airport’s short-term parking for too long. A couple of months ago, someone was discovered in a prohibited area of the terminal and yesterday, a woman was caught going through security with a concealed weapon.

These seemingly unrelated security breaches may not represent a pattern to authorities but to the advanced software that mines and analyzes audio, video and text files, they do. By instantly connecting the dots of each of the security breaches as they surface on the network, the software reveals that all four individuals share the same workplace and that the woman arrested shares a common address with the driver of the towed truck.

Cause for concern? Perhaps, but piecing together these clues manually could take months.

With the combination of Rich Media Management and Security & Surveillance Technology, you can identify these patterns and alert authorities to investigate immediately. Pre-eminent organizations such as the Homeland Security and numerous other classified government agencies and security conscious corporations already rely on our solutioning to:

  • Automate the capture, encoding and indexing of video surveillance
  • Understand and interpret large volumes of video, audio and text files.
  • Alert police and security personnel to relevant information and activity in real-time.
  • Expedite police and corporate security investigations Protect corporate assets from theft, violence and vandalism
  • Add context to intelligence and other valuable business information

The ability to correlate and cross reference data gained from multiple applications such as Automatic Number Plate Recognition and iIntelligent Scene Analysis System with other sources allows organizations to adopt an intelligence led approach to security and surveillance operations. By incorporating Autonomy’s core technology, our Security and Surveillance is able to automatically understand and interpret the potential significance of multiple pieces of security data, and correlate that information with other known intelligence to enable organizations to implement comprehensive security and surveillance solutions. Virage’s unique approach brings new visibility and intelligence to security and surveillance operations and equips organizations with the technology they need in order to safeguard public, private and corporate assets and respond effectively to security threats today and in the future.

Command & Control


Given the complex nature of security and surveillance operations and the vast amount of heterogeneous data which requires aggregation and analysis, the need for advanced technologies which can make sense of information and alert the relevant parties to crucial intelligence has never been so great.The ability to correlate and cross reference data gained from multiple applications such as ANPR and iSAS with other sources allows organizations to adopt an intelligence led approach to security and surveillance operations.

Alert Response & Intelligent Search


Additional Level III Functionality

Conceptual Retrieval and Search

Content can be searched simultaneously in any language and any format, wherever it is stored. Search options include: Conceptual Search, Natural Language Retrieval, Query By Example, Refine By Example and Cross-Language Search. The technology retrieves and returns references to conceptually related information and results are presented with summaries and hyperlinks to similar information instantly and automatically.
Video Content Analysis


The Intelligent Scene Analysis System will able to detect suspicious behaviors, identifying potential security threats and providing alerts entirely automatically,  Its full range of features including advanced VMD, non motion detect, object sizing, object tracking, object counting, Automatic Number Plate Recognition and Audio & Sound Analytics enable surveillance officers to understand the potential significance of any motion or object within view.