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Tech Update

BlueWave is partnering with Optical System Design, EtherWAN Systems and CTC Union as a value-added Distributor.

OSD (Australia): Fiber optic interface devices for audio,video, data, contact, 3G HD SDI, RF, Ethernet, etc in Harden grade.

EtherWan (Taiwan) - PoE switches, Ethernet Extender, Media Converter with Commercial, Industrial and Harden grade Devices.

CTC Union (Taiwan) - Metro-switches, Media Converter, Serial Data Server, EoC and PoE Surge Suppressor for Metro-Enterprise and Industrial Network.

Bluenet (House Brand - Country of Origin: Taiwan) - PoE switches, PoE Repeater, PoE Extender, Ultra PoE Injector, Industrial PoE & Ultra PoE Switches.

Bluewave will update partners and customers on the latest connectivity of our new product and application in our "Connect" Digest by email. Interested party can email to to subscribe to.

News Flash

The ICR-4103 series are high-performance industrial grade 4G-LTE cellular routers. It is designed to offer the fast connectivity over cellular network for industrial applications. ICR-4103’s Ethernet ports can allow up to 3 Ethernet devices link to the cellular network, provides dual SIM cards and 1 Ethernet WAN port can automatic re-connecting and auto-switching for offering the cellular network redundancy to ensure uninterrupted connectivity. The ICR-4103 cellular router is integrated with WAN, LAN, SIM, VPN, Firewall, built-in DI/DO and Serial port services. In addition, ICR-4103 uses the highest level of industrial grade design for connected in the most demanding environments, is ideal solution for Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and M2M(Machine-to-Machine)applications, such as remote control and monitoring, bus ticketing collection system, CCTV, SCADA, digital signage, kiosk and intelligent traffic systems

New Solutions


We have started to provide solutioning for:

  1. Border Surveillance & Onboard Vessel Surveillance using state-of-the-art Thermal Cameras and Marine Grade CCTV with two of our Marine application specialist manufacturer;
  2. Digital Signage using Outdoor LED display wall system to our oversea partner;
  3. Design of Wired and Wireless Networked including hardened security application;
  4. Video wall for Command center and
  5. IP PA, IP Intercom and IP HD Video Conferencing System.

News Flash

Video Wall Controller

The most versatile architecture of video wall that provides highly expandable and flexible solutions for video wall displays, particularly for large scale multi-screen systems.


Our Successful Stories

Industrial Switches

We have deployed the Industrial Core Switches with 10G backbone Redundant Ring network and Industrial PoE Switches in the Giga Redundant Sub-Ring with less than 10msec recovery time for perimeter monitoring in Transportation segment in 2017. The network is monitored by the same Network Switch vendor's Network Monitoring Software where detailed statistic of individual port traffic, CPU Utilization, SFP Status, et cetera can be displayed in the Dashboard and also all the network switches are time Synchronized by a Reference Clock.

Our Project references for Industrial Switches also includes the Full Retaill Competition (FRC) Field Installation for the Energy Market especially in  the solar application installed in Mid 2017.

Our Industrial PoE Swicthes were also used in the perimeters for Industrial sites in 2018.