Established in 2002, pioneer in providing Digital Video Networked Solution to MHA in 2003

Exist to provide OT solutioning in outdoor harsh environment including designing and building of IP Infrastructure networks for IP end devices namely IP cameras system , IP Access Control system, IOT, Wireless Access point, and etc.

To assists System Integrators and IP Security Companies in resolving network connectivity's problems including overcoming distance, PoE power and lightning surge issues.

To provide products and services in meeting tender specification, designing, recommendation, configuration and testing and commissioning of the whole network in and outside the building to host IP devices such as IP cameras, IP intercom, IP access control system, Wireless AP, Intrusion Detection System, IOT devices, etc. We also provide professional services for security hardening of network, workstations and servers.

Our Commercial and Harden Industrial product portfolio are:

  • Layer 3 & 2 10G PoE switches built-in surge protection and ring network,
  • PoE Media Converter & PoE Power Injector,
  • PoE Ethernet Extender over twisted Pair, Co-axial & Cat5/6 cables,
  • PoE /230VAC Surge Suppressor,
  • LTE  Routers,
  • Fiber Optic Signal Converters,
  • Firewall, GPS Clock, Outdoor Power Controller/UPS cabinet, &
  • Network Monitoring Software